• Material - Glass 
  • 14mm Female - 18mm Male

Also Known As

  • Glass Adapter
  • Glass Reducer


A glass reducer is used to reduce the size or create a more snug fit with the joints of your banger and the joint of your dab rig. This 14m to 18m glass reducer is used to convert 14 male bangers to be used on a dab rig that has 18 female openings.

So don't let incompatible pieces ruin your smoking experience - pick up our collection of a dab rig and bong dab adapters today and smoke happily!


Using adapters allows you to interchange all your accessories out to match whatever size joint you have! For more options like this, check out our full line of glass adapters.


Will This Reducer Work For A Female Jointed Banger? 

No. Since the opening joint is a female joint, it has to have a male joint to insert to be compatible. A female joint and female joint do not fit together the same way a male joint will not fit with another male joint. 

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