Honeybee Herb

Honey Disc 2 pack


  • Honey Disc Replacement Set (2 Pack)
  • Compatible Pearl Size(s) - 4mm, 6mm, 8mm

Need to replace the honey discs in your  Honey Disc banger or  Honey Disc Deep Dish? Look no further than our Honey Disc Replacements! These replacements are always great to have on hand, just in case. We can’t even begin to count the number of times a dumb friend has managed to screw up and break one of our honey discs. So it always makes sense to have a few extras ready to go in an instant. If your banger is using a honey disc, having Honey Disc Replacements is always a good idea.

These replacements will help you sub out a broken honey disc in a flash. Without hesitation, you’ll be able to switch them in and continue dabbing as if your original honey disc never broke! Having these hanging out with the rest of your stash is always ideal, especially if you or your sesh buddies are clumsy!

Looking for a super dope glass pipe that comes with its own case? Then you’ll want to order a  Glass Pipe from us! Each pipe you get comes with a Honeybee Herb case, adding to the “WOW” factor when you whip it out for a sesh. Get yours now and be the envy of your friends with this dope pipe/case combo.

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Honeybee Herb