J Drop Down


  • Material - Glass 
  • Compatible with 14mm Female Rig Joint
  • Compatible with 14mm Male Banger Joint
  • Multiple Color Options

Also Known As

  • Drop Down Reclaim Catcher
  • J Drop Down
  • Drop Down Adapter 


This is the Honeybee Herb J Drop Down attachment! This J Drop Down accessory is used to create a little distance between your banger and rig and acts as a funky little reclaim catcher as it keeps your reclaim clean and separate from your rig and water.  

After you have retrieved all your reclaim goodness, clean and reattach to collect more! 

This Drop Down comes in 4 sweet colors to suit your style. 


To get any kind of dabbing accessory, visit the full website to see our full line of glass or silicone dab adapters.


Can You Heat This J Drop Down? 

It is not recommended to put intense heat and temp changes on glass adapters like this J Drop Down. A little heat is okay but too much and you run the risk of it cracking or breaking. 

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