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  • Outer Diameter - 20mm
  • Thickness - 4mm
  • Edge - Flat Top
  • 45° Frosted Joint
  • Butane Torch Recommended 
  • Compatible Pearl Size(s) - 4mm

Dropping some serious insanity on the dab industry is the Original 45° Degree quartz banger. Forged from high-quality quartz, this piece is bringing on some next level dab experiences with impressive capabilities. With an outer diameter of 20mm, there’s seemingly no slab too big for this banger.

The thickness is beyond unreal on the Original 45° Degree, bringing an impressive 4mm thick design that allows it to heat to the perfect dabbing temperature. And with a 45° frosted joint incorporated on this bad boy, the aesthetics take it to the next level.

The Original 45° Degree gives you options too. For the size, you’ll choose between 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. And you’ll also choose between a male and female connection, ensuring your favorite rig will work with your Original 45° Degree. Don’t hesitate. Get yours today to improve your dab seshes.

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