The Thermal Core Reactor is the go-to in the dab game, bringing on serious hits without hesitation. With a double wall thermal chamber, you’ll never find the heat dispersing too fast with this innovative banger. And this device is sporting a huge outer diameter of 25mm as well, ensuring you’ll fit big dabs and take ridiculous draws of tasty concentrate with ease.

These quartz bangers are bringing thick to a whole new level. With a thickness of 2mm, you already know this piece is super durable. And this thickness will always ensure the device never cracks from overheating.

These bangers come with plenty of options to ensure yours fits your favorite rig too. You’ll choose between 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. And you’ll be able to pick either a Male or Female connector for your banger. All in all, the Thermal Core Reactor is a banger you’ll want on your rig as soon as possible.

Grab yourself a  Hexagon Silicone Slick Container while  while you’re at it! These are perfect for holding the stickiest concentrates.