Universal 4-in-1 Connection

Looking for a banger that’s boasting a universal 4-in-1 connection? Then look no further because you’ve found the Titanium 4-in-1 Sidecar Hybrid Banger. These are some serious bangers bringing out the best in your concentrate. And you’re going to love all this piece will do for your dab seshes.

With its Grade 2 Titanium construction, you’ll find the Titanium 4-in-1 Sidecar Hybrid Banger is beyond durable. And the 22.5mm quartz dish is going to allow you to blast through some of the biggest slabs of concentrate you can take. And if yours ever breaks, we have some super dope  spare dishes to fill that void! These fit 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm joints, and they’re also compatible with Male and Female joints. With this much versatility, you already know it’s going to fit your favorite rig! And if you have a 25mm carb cap, it’s likely going to be compatible with that as well!

If you don’t have a carb cap and dabber, you’re not going to want to be caught without one when you purchase your 4-in-1 Sidecar Hybrid Banger. To experience some insane performance with your new titanium enail, make sure to check out our   full selection of different TI carb caps and dabbers. Cap your carb in style with the plethora of dope caps we offer and expect some seriously hard hits!

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