• Gr2 Titanium 
  • Pencil Can Connect To Carb Lid Base

For the incredible pencil dab tool aesthetic with a bit of a zany twist, the Titanium Bent Pencil is turning heads anywhere it’s spotted! This is a dabber must-have, giving the user a fantastic tool that makes slapping fat dabs on a rig more fun than anyone would expect. These come in either Gold or silver, ensuring whichever option you choose is going to suit your rig without hesitation as well. Also, if you’d rather have the original  Titanium Pencil, make sure to check it out!

 Crafted from high-quality GR2 Titanium, the Titanium Bent Pencil provides the user with an unrivaled dab experience. For the hard to reach spots in your silicone oil holder, the bent design gives an adequate tool to handle your dabs. And if at some point in the future, you decide you need to add a carb lid, this piece connects to a carb lid base with ease! If you find yourself in need of a carb cap, make sure to order a   Titanium Pencil With Carb Cap!

 Need a banger? Pair your Titanium Bent Pencil with any of our high quality   Ti nails or  quartz bangers!  Combine a  Fat Bottom with a  Honey Cup for some serious versatility. Or if you’re more into the Ti nails, try pairing a  Titanium 6-in-1 Skillet with a  Titanium 6-in-1 Carb Cap Nail  for some incredible dab capacity!