Nothing beats the WHITE bucket, and each dabber must experience this quartz banger for themselves! The craftsmanship that went into making this is unmatchable that welcomes a basic yet successful quartz banger that produces noteworthy dab sashes without fail. External measurement of 25mm guarantees there will never be any difficulty hitting those fat pieces dabbers hunger for.

Do you like thick? Then, at that point get thick with the Original's 3mm of crazy thickness. The degree of thick close by keeps up with and directs the temperature. Also, the 90° clear joint this thing is brandishing makes it past stunning.

The Original will fit almost any dab rig. It comes in a 10mm quartz banger, 14mm quartz banger, and 18mm quartz banger permitting you to tweak your rig with this extra banger. Furthermore, with the alternative of a Male or Female connector, you'll track down the Original as an ideal fit without fail. order it, heat it with a butane torch, and slap a dab on it for the best outcomes.